Mac OS X users can store a web documents in the webarchive format.   Webarchive document contains web resources (html pages, images, css, etc)  in the single file. This is great, but unfortunately, webarchive files can not be viewed either the Linux or Windows. To solve this problem Web Archive Extractor extracts content from webarchive file to directory.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.4

 Current release of Web Archive Extractor contains two independent parts

Part 1. Application 'Web Archive Extractor'

Web Archive Extractor.png 614×334 pixels


To install 'Web Archive Extractor'

 - Unpack

 - Copy WebArchiveExtractor into /Application folder 

Part 2. Automator Action 

WebArchive Extractor - Finder Plugin.png 554×373 pixels

file:  contains Automator Plugin 

To install Automator Action 

 - Unpack 

 - Copy WebArchiveExtractorAction.action into folder /Users/<your username>/Library/Automator

 - Launch Automator and create workflow:

    Automator.png 949×524 pixels  

  1. Finder/Get Selected Finder Items
  2. Finder/Filter Finder Items (set Name Extension is equal to webarchive)
  3. Safari/WebArchiveExtractorAction
  4. (optionally) Safari/Display Web Pages 

 - Save Workflow As Plug-In :

   Automator Save As Plugin.png 420×158 pixels